I’m Know I’m Being Picky


One of the things my family and friends love/hate about me is my ability to recall innane details from movies and tv shows. They love it when they can’t seem to remember that actor/actress from that movie about the girl and the boy…..but when I divulge a detail here and there during a movie they all freak out. Anywho, last weekend I was searching high and lo for a little known movie on DVD, Shag. It’s one of my all time favorites.

Such a cute little film about four girls right out of high school about to embark on their lives at college, marriage and goodness knows what else, but before that they take on the beach and boys in Myrtle Beach, SC the summer of ’63. A time when people were still idealistic, before Kennedy had been shot, before Vietnam was a major problem and boys were eager to join the military.

Well good thing I didn’t find the DVD at Blockbuster or Wal-Mart cuz I forgot I had ordered it online at Columbia House, Yea! So earlier this week I got my package, whoohoo! I popped the DVD into the player Friday night and immediately realized something was amiss when the opening credits began rolling. Enough to make me watch the VHS version immediately after the DVD was over.

On the VHS version the song “(Mama Said) There’d Be Days Like This” played over the opening credits. The DVD has what seems like a made for movie song called “Shag” not unlike the song “Hairspray” from John Waters’s movie of the same name, love that one too, ‘making mental note to purchase Hairspray on DVD.’Another music issue came to mind when after the big party at the house Bridget Fonda’s character and the teen idol she’s hooked up with are out on the porch and move to the couch that has been moved to the front lawn, in the VHS their background music was “You Belong To Me” I believe by Johnny Mathis, but it could have been another artist, well on the DVD version they have “I’m Leaving It Up To You” playing instead.

As far as the picture quality, of course the VHS has nothing on the DVD. The picture was cleared up significantly, but there were a few scenes that remained dark, if not got darker than the VHS. The lighting was always a bit poor in some scenes, so it wasn’t too noticable. And one of the greatest and I’d say the movie’s trademark, the ending “stroll” dance. The VHS shows the scene fully on screen, whereas the DVD has the credits roll during the dance, which was a bit upsetting especially after all the other hiccups. In all, it was a great movie, but those little things just got to me and affected my enjoyment, 😦

On a happy note, everyone knows that when you scratch a dog in certain spots its leg will twitch. Ever since I’ve had Zoe, her leg never twitched, 😦 Last week I was scratching right under her collar, like at the top of her rib cage, the collarbone area and her leg started twitching. 😀 I was soooooo excited. I know if that’s what gets me excited I need a life, right? Oh well, they say life is all about the simple things and I took great enjoyment that my dog’s leg twitched when I scratched her neck! Not to mention it twitched again when I scratched right under her ribcage and above her hip, whoohoo! two spots that work, hehe! So until next week.


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