Double Photos…..?????


My apologies for the double photo of my mug, but seeing as the link for the previous profile photo might not be available for too much longer I decided there has to be another way to show off the pearly whites, so again forgive me, I’m still kind of learning here.

Anywho check out the post on Spyware below, I’m still dealing with the nasties, but I’m working on it, losing hair, but working on it. And that cute picture of Zoe and me with Abby & Peanut, everyone now go: Awwwwwwwww!

Ooooo, I also got a link to Dogster, I know Zoe has a link specifically to her page, but the people at Dogster were nice enough to write me up some html code so that I could put that cute little button on my blog, aren’t they sweet? I actually had to tweak it a bit, but that’s okay, I couldn’t have done it without their help in the first place.

Zoe’s got a new entry over at Dogster as well, go check it out. It was an animal specific post so we thought it would be better received posted at her site, lol.

Also, everyone stay tuned to our Misadventures, I may have a very important announcement to be made very soon. Think you know what it is, why not post your guesses in the comments section.



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