Spyware is Evil! Adware is Evil! Pop Ups are Evil!


Okay, Just so everyone knows, I think I may go technologyless the next few days unless I absolutely have to.

I just spent over 5 hours fixing my computer! Thanks to having my work laptop on hand I was able to get some advice from a few friends out there who’ve been having similar issues. Thank goodness I wasn’t feeling to well cuz I was too tired to care all that much about the time it took me to install, reinstall, uninstall, undo fixes, etc……I took naps in between each, Zoe was very appreciative of the naps.

Seriously, will people ever stop trying to hack into our lives online, I mean it’s clearly an invasion of our privacy. We should be able to surf the internet and not worry that when I shop at Barnes & Noble or get a membership at NetFlix that I want pop ads from Blockbuster and RebatesOnline. There’s got be something along the lines of the Do Not Call List for Online users to prevent spyware ads, adware ads, pop ups, etc…..If anyone knows of anything specifically please post in the comments section so we may all benefit!

By the way in case anyone else has a future problem and is interested, you can download Spybot, it was pretty helpful in getting rid of most of the nasty little buggers running amok through my system. Plus they have some other useful information on other software and suggestions. Haven’t needed to contact them, but seems like they have a good customer service system. Not to mention the customer message boards, that way you can talk to others who use Spybot and get their advice as well. I did have to go back and redo some of the fixes so my aol could work. But it was worth it to be back online, for the moment that is until I go on my technology holiday. Eh, who am I kidding, I’ll be connected all this evening and beyond, I know I’m such a wuss!

Hope everyone had a good weekend and a good evening. Back to the grind tomorrow.


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