My Poor Zoe :’-(


Hope Everyone had a better weekend than I did.

Things started off great, spent Friday night surfin’ the ‘net, catching up on emails, IM’s, etc.

Saturday: Zoe and I went to my brother Rudy’s house, they were having a crawfish boil, very good by the way. Zoe was great, she didn’t bite anyone and didn’t bark crazy like she normally does when we’re at a gathering of lots of people. She sat on my lap most of the evening and sort of played with Peanut and watched Abby, since Abby doesn’t necessarily play all that much anymore. Abby bit Rudy’s toe the other night. He and the two dogs were sleeping on the couch and apparently he moved wrong and Abby sunk a tooth into his left pinky toe.

Anywho Zoe went off wandering a bit around the shed and barking at people driving up and down the highway. She was fine all evening, even when we got home, she curled up on the couch and we fell asleep watching While You Were Sleeping, I love that movie. Well Sunday morning Zoe made the most ungodly yelping noise, one I had never heard come from her mouth before, and she did it twice. I took her out and when we came back inside, instead of climbing up on the couch with me again she went and slept in her kennel. She stayed in there all morning. She didn’t even eat her treats. It breaks my heart not see my baby like that, šŸ˜¦ I called the Vet and to my surprise the Vet was there looking at another emergency case.

I brought Zoe in and she acted fine, ran around the office like nothing was wrong with her. The Doc checked her out, breathing, legs, teeth (she promptly snapped at him when he checked the teeth). Once the muzzle was in place he cheked out her butt, not the prettiest sight, but hey gotta do what ya gotta do. Ok, this may sound gross, but Zoe has little pockets in her butt that fill with fluids, that’s all I’ll say about that. So the Doc did what he had to do there. He gave me some medicine, not really sure what it does, but I hope it helps. She got her first dose this morning.

Last night she had me worried again, though. She slept most of the evening and shock of all shocks she let me pet her and rub her belly, all the things she normally dislikes, should’ve known something was up then. But then she laid down in her usual curled up position, but she kept her head up and looking away from me, she’d look back for a second, but then turn her head back. It was the strangest thing. Maybe when Brenda visits on Tuesday she’ll be back to her old self again. I just wish she was in a better mood since today is her 3rd Birthday.


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