On The Road To Financial Freedom


As anyone my age can tell you one thing we seem to overlook and never really notice until we go to buy that hot new car or even in some cases a house, is our credit.

I made a few financial mistakes in my life, I admit, we all do. I’ve heard we all get out it and then at some point plunge right back into debt. Debt isn’t fun, that’s for sure. It’s a nice little chunk of our paycheck gone before we can enjoy, but we did enjoy it, we just enjoyed at a time when we couldn’t afford it right away.

Well just this week I made some headway into clearing my debt. Now I’ve heard that it’s not a good idea to pay everything off at once, which is okay by me, because I haven’t won the lottery yet. But it felt so good this week to write those checks to finish paying off some of my more substantial debts, sigh………..

Now I am able to pay off more on my other lines of credit i.e., computer, specialty store cards, etc…

And in about 6 months to a year I’ll be back in debt when I buy that new car I’ve been eyeing up lately, hehe.

Jean Chatzky & Suze Orman Look Out!


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