Zoe’s Very Own Blog


My brother’s niece, Georgianna, whom I adore, sent me a link the other day of Maggie’s, her bulldog, own blog. It was so adorable. Maggie write her own entires in bullybonics, Bulldog dialect, very cute.

Well after checking out the site I thought Zoe would be excellent in her own blog. I have tried endlessly to upload pictures of her onto our blog here, but to no avail. Dogster is an excellent alternative to showcase Zoe as she deserves and sometimes demands.

The site’s tagline is “For the love of Dog.” And these owners, like myself love their dogs. If they have more than one dog they give each dog a page. Whilest I love all the doggie pages, I am partial to the little ones, especially those who bear breed resemblance to Zoe.

So check out Zoe’s own blog at Dogster, while you’re there check out her pals and take a stroll throught the dog park and enjoy the pictures and diaries of other doggies.


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