Election Post Mortem


Well it’s over. Being one of the very few in my immediate family who voted Democrat this year, across the board, I’m sure I’ll be unmercifully taunted and teased ad nauseum for a few weeks, hopefully it will end sooner. I just want to say knowing how individual family members felt about the particular candidates, I held my tongue unless otherwise challenged, I never threw the first punch so to speak.

I can truly say I was disappointed. I had such high hopes not only for the candidates in the races I voted in, but the parties on the national, regional, state and local levels. I am especially upset with the Democrats in that even though we seemed so united for the Presidential candidate, that didn’t translate over to the local and state levels.

The thing that I am most worried about is that with one party controlling both the White House and Congress, not to mention a Supreme Court that leans particularly one way, I worry about the checks and balances between our branches of government.

Although I was just reading about the new Attorney General nominee and his brush with anti-abortionists. He says he is personally troubled by abortion, but it’s his job to just apply the law and what precedents it has set, not to change the law. So that’s encouraging. However he also has had a brush with civil rights groups in his application of the Patriot Act and other similar measures put forth by the administration. So it’s encouraging to me that the President is nominating someone who has some sense and ability to see things from both sides. Maybe Bush’s second term won’t be as horrible as I and many others, of course thought.

Mr. Dan Gillmor of Silicon Valley.com is able to put into words what I couldn’t express as articulately.

Another really cool website for those Kerry supporters Sorry Everybody Kerry voters apologize to the world, promise to do better next time and ask to crash in other countries for the next four years. Germans, Australians and even some French offered beds and accepted the apologies. Quite amusing, I highly recommend it.

We must move on and work harder next time. So all you Bush voters enjoy your four years and until 2008.

Geaux Hilary!


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