Avoyelles Book Club


One of the things I am most proud of is the fact that I along with a few other women in the area were able to start a book club here in Marksville. I had always wanted to join a book club, and when it became evident that there was no such thing her in town I decided to take matters in my own hands.

After talking with a few close friends, I realized we all liked to read and kept up with what the rest of the world was reading at the time. Topical books such as the Lord of the Rings Trilogy and the Harry Potter series, Hilary Clinton’s autobiography, The DaVinci Code, books Oprah picked out, books we heard were great, and the usual self help books it seems every woman picks up at some point in her life.

The first try began with Like Water for Chocolate which took place in Central/South America. We had fajitas and margaritas to kind of fit the setting of the book. We wound up watching the film and discussing the differences and similarities between the book and movie. It was a good first meeting, and we decided to push on.

The next book was Fried Green Tomatoes. Pretty much the same thing happened as with the first meeting, with the exception of the film viewing, since most of us had seen the film and could recall it pretty well. The discussion was topped off with what was my first attempt at cooking a roast, I think it was a bit burnt, sorry ladies.

Bridget Jones’ Diary was our next selection. A great book, but unfortunately no one was able to make the meeting, unexpected family emergencies, but that’s how life goes, (Wo)Men Plan, God Laughs. Here I tried my hand at shepard’s pie, made by Bridget in the book, and mushy peas, a staple in British cuisine.

Even in the face of adversity, we plowed on and chose Alice Hoffman’s Practical Magic. I know what you’re thinking another book that was made into a film, but oh well, kiss my booty. This book never even materialized into a meeting, which I was hoping to put on right before Halloween, would have been great timing too. But with the holidays schedules got complicated, which is understood.

So around the end of summer this year I wanted to reincarnate the club. Right before the last puffs of breath in the club last year we decided to go with The Color Purple as our next book. So it only seemed fitting we go ahead with the book as our first book for this year, turns out our only book. The meeting went great. Everyone brought a dish, Mary made spinach & artichoke dip, yum, Leisha brought her husband’s cheese dip. After a little gossip, we sat down and discussed the book and it was inevitable that we also talked about the movie, what can I say, we live in a world of mixed media.

The meeting ended with a discussion on which book we’d read next. After some great suggestions we chose Cane River, due to the raving review Richella gave it. It is an Oprah Book Club Selection. And one of the best things about it, it takes place right here in Louisiana, can’t go wrong there. And since the holidays are creeping up on us and the fact that the book is almost 600 pages long we decided to have our next meeting in January. I can’t wait until next meeting, cuz this book looks like it’ll be quite satisfying.

For more information and to see discussion on current and past books you can check out http://avoyellesbookclub.blogspot.com.


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