Cuddle Parties????


I caught a news clip a few weeks ago from ABC News on “cuddle parties.” A cuddle party is where people from all walks of life and professions come together and cuddle. Then after reading about it in Newsweek I had to check out the website. After the initial “huh!” I started thinking, hmmmm, that doesn’t sound too bad. I know go ahead and laugh.

I grew up in a very affectionate environment. My family, with the exception of a few brothers, love to hug and hold each other, crawl up on the couch and just snuggle. I remember many times when I was little I fell asleep while my mom was combing her fingers in my hair or my dad was rubbing his thumb on my forehead. And I know how I used to love to hold my nieces & nephew and all the babies my sister watched and just hold them and soothe them to sleep. And how many us that have pets get up on th couch and cuddle up to our favorite canines/felines. Zoe loves to manuever herself between my hip and the sofa cushions and let me pet her head and scratch her back while we watch tv.

Truth is that I think the founders of Cuddle Party have hit on something. I’m sure there are many that think this is just another new age guru in the neverending self help quest we’ve all become familiar with, especially in the 90’s when “world music” became so so hot. We are creatures of touch, how comforting is it when you’re lying next to that special someone and they’re delicately rubbing your arm or circling your palm with a finger. Science has proven beyond doubt that touch is good for us, it releases tension and reduces stress, at least that’s what the Lever 2000 people want us to think.

For those of us without a special someone, I know I have invested in a body pillow to cuddle with at night. Besides being good for posture, it is comforting. Zoe cuddles up under my arm or legs at night. It’s not just humans. They say we can learn a lot from animals, especially dogs. Have a good stretch after a nap, play hard, and snuggle whenever possible. The proprietors of cuddle parties even end each cuddle session with a “puppy pile” where everyone falls into a heap of legs & arms, just like puppies.

To see for yourself check out


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  1. while i hate to admit that a good cuddle is something i may need and enjoy….there’s no way i would go to a party with people i don’t know and cuddle with them. now if it was a cuddle session with some scrumptious males then we’re talking..loland i can attest to the fact that Darnee and her family loves to cuddle….i have been a victim of those encounters way too often….lol

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