Alright, since this is supposed to feature me, of course and my dog, I figured it was time to introduce Zoe to the world.

I got Zoe in late April 2002. She was born on April 11th to Abby, my brother Rudy’s half chihuahua, half rat terrier dog. Zoe’s biological father was Midnight, Rudy’s father-in-law’s half dachsund, half rat terrier dog, may he rest in peace. So if you haven’t figured it out Zoe’s make-up adds up to being half rat terrier, quarter chihuahua, quarter dachsund. But if you saw her you’d swear she was full chihuahua. By the way she really doesn’t like it when people taunt her with “Yo quero Taco Bell!” Zoe’s prominent feature is her ears, which can be quite a problem during a strong breeze. The ears have inspired many to refer to her as Yoda, which is so much better than a dog taunting Godzilla with tacos. At least Yoda was wise and intelligent, which is way more than I can say for my dear baby. Although she doesn’t fall for the fake throw bit, which is pretty impressive.

She is quite stubborn and can be hard to please. She’s not a very affectionate dog, only likes to petted on her terms, which are many. She knows what she likes and will cry pitifully until she gets what she wants, I try to resist, but really it is a pretty pathetic half bark, half wail. I tried training with Zoe. I bought puppy/dog books and read about basic care & instruction. I was able to successfully train her to sit and lie down, I never thought she’d get that one. Stay was an issue and worked rarely. Beyond that I moved and forwent training for the time being. I then decided on a whim while at PetSmart to sign her up for basic training. Boy what fun that was.

Our trainer seemed more interested in the young girl and her very well trained dog than he was any other dog. I think Zoe sensed this and knew the guy was no good. She placed herself between my feet and hardly moved the entire 8 weeks of training, nipping at the trainer every chance she got. He would try to pick her up and snap! After the first time he steered clear. He even skipped over her when he was attempting with every other dog to teach them to jump! As cute as he was and supposedly as experienced as he said he was you’d think he would have been able to handle a tempermental dog such as mine, but he never did, ah well. On graduation night as many of you know this story, the trainer tried to put a graduation cap on Zoe and she wasn’t having any of that and snapped at him. I’m surprised he gave me her certificate, but guess since I already paid he was obligated.

I think she’s become wary of men in general. Most of the men she’s come in contact with, play roughly with her and she doesn’t like that. So now when any male figure comes across her path she’s very cautious and will most likely nip in their direction even when they are trying to be friendly. Even male dogs have been burned by Zoe. Sparky, my sister Brenda’s yorkie, drooled everytime he saw Zoe when she was just a puppy. We figured it was one of 2 reasons: 1. he was horny, 2. he thought she was a rodent and wanted to bite her to pieces. She was physically intimidated by my brother Michael’s dog Sammy, who couldn’t be a sweeter dog. He’s a big black lab that’s just loving and a big ol teddy bear of a dog. But he just got excited around her and tried to make the moves on her. Now Zoe looked like an ant next to Sammy so she just cowered in a little ball until he left her alone. I believe all these experiences have contributed to the fact that Zoe has become an alpha dog even around Sparky whom she barks at and challenges frequently when visiting my sister’s home. You go girl!

Since her training days are over Zoe has accomplished quite a bit. She learned how to go from “down” to “up.” She can still get worked up every now and then, but not as frequently as when she was only a year old. But at the ripe old age of 18 Zoe spends her days curled up on one of our sofa pillows watching Lifetime, I think that’s where she gets most of her attitude from personally, or Animal Planet. Depends on her mood. She’ll from time to time do her laps = running like a maniac back and forth in the living room or between the front and back of the apartment. She has her quirks, one of which is the skip in her step and she trots around the house. This manuever amuses my brother John so much he says that’s the only thing she’s good for. She’s good for so much more. She keeps me company and that counts for a lot when you don’t have a lot of friends in a small town. She keeps me sane and makes me laugh, which in my opinion is the most important. I can always count on her for a lick of the cheek, a tilt of the head like she thinks I’m crazy, and a cuddle buddy while watching tv. Not to mention she barks like a bullhorn when she hears anything, something any girl living alone should be grateful for.

In all she’s my bestest friend and I adore her, regardless of the temper, stubborness & prissy attitude.

Luv ya Zoe! That’s my guhrl!


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  1. You go girl!!(((hugs for Zoe))Dear Zoe,You sounds likes alot of fun. I wishes you was bigger and then yous could be my pwaymate. But mommy says my chubby bully butt would pwabully mooshes you but I’m not a mean bully, i just has a weight pwoblem. So since we can pway together I figures I would say hi on this ‘puter thingie mommy uses to talk to your mommy. Zoe girl you sound like my kinda dog! Wuv the chubby-butted bully, Maggie

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