DNC 2004: The Follow-Up


Well I’m back home in small town Louisiana. Quite a different scene than that of Boston this past week. For my first national political convention, I had a great time. I was fortunte enough to attend three of the four nights and saw a man who might become our 44th President, keeping my fingers crossed. As I was sitting in the Fleet Center Thursday night I was talking to one of our lobbyists who said when you actually figure out how many people are inside the auditorium, not counting the ones roaming the hallways, it comes to very few who are able to see the speeches in person, a privilege not many get. Something I highly recommend to anyone who’s able to do so.

I must be supersensitive lately as well, the entire week everytime I sat in on an inspiring speech I was brought to tears. That’s when I knew for sure I am truly a Democrat. I thought maybe I had some Republican inklings, but after this week I sent off to change my political affiliation on my voter registration from N/A to Democrat. I know this pleases most of my family members to no end, but oh well.

I’ve come to realize that what makes the country great is that we actually have the option of disagreeing with those that govern us. We are able to hold our leaders, the ones we elect, accountable for the decisions they make that affect us, whether good or bad. I know many people have said this in the past, probably better than how I’ve articulated it here. Whether or not Sen. Kerry is elected or Pres. Bush is re-elected, the country will still go on and really that’s what matters.

I said during the end of the convention that being in Boston and around those hard-core Democrats kind of gives you a sense of false security in that everyone around you is going to vote for Sen. Kerry. But then when I got back home remembered that a few people I’ve met are actually wary of revealing the fact that even though they might be a Democrat, they’re going to vote for Sen. Kerry. Growing up in New Orleans this would not be an issue at all. However, here in Central Louisiana and even North Louisiana the state tends to vote quite different than the more tolerant New Orleans. Maybe I need to move again, sshhhh, don’t tell my brother, he doesn’t want to move me again.

Okay, now for a little coincidence study that I picked up on while in Boston. The 44th Democratic National Convention was held in 2004. Sen. Kerry’s swiftboat number was #44. If and when Sen. Kerry is elected he would become the 44th President of the United States. Sen. Kerry said himself he was born in the West Wing of the hospital in Colorado. The letter “W” is the 4th letter from the end of the alphabet. “west” & “wing” are both comprised of 4 letters. And the convention was held the week before a Blue Moon, known in many circles to be an extremely lucky sign. I know many o0f my family and friends will scoff at my analysis, and not agree with most my positions, but hey like I said before, that’s what makes the country great.

Geaux Kerry!!!


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