DNC: Mid Week Momentum


Tuesday was slow, but productive. We attended a Clam Bake in honor of the Native American Caucus. Lobster and Chowder were in abundance. I know everyone has made this connection, but it’s so unusual to see that many lobsters in one setting, it looked like a giant was having a crawfish boil. The bake was wonderful and the weather held up all afternoon.

Since we were only blessed with 2 extra sets of credentials a night our group took turns in attending. Myself and a another lady in our group, Ms. Linda, decided to take in a show. Mamma Mia, the hit London musical using the Swedish group ABBA’a music for inspiration. During Intermission I was reading my Playbill and noticed that Shakim Evans, Erik from Center Stage was one of the cast members. Here is where I wish my good friends Shannon and April were around, they would have found out all the details needed to track down Mr. Evans and get his autograph and possibly the most prized, a picture. I just don’t have the guts in this area to follow through. Anyway the show was great. I left feeling like I had just eaten an ice cream cone and was on a sugar high.

We headed on over to the Boston World Trade Center for an event honoring Native Americans. Gov. Bill Richardson of New Mexico, Chairman of the Convention, Gov. Janet Napolitano of Arizona and a host of other figures were on hand to greet everyone. The Big Bad Voodoo Daddies provided “swinging” entertainment. They even hired pro dancers to swing with guests. I found myself watching the dancers more than the band. But I came to my senses later when they played “You & Me and a Bottle Makes Three.” And let me tell you there’s nothing like seeing white men with actual rhythm, quite refreshing, it wasn’t just the drummer either.

Wednesday morning I was the only one who ventured out early, everyone else took a long morning sleep. Catching up for staying our pretty much every night since we’ve been in Boston. I went to the Native American Caucus meeting and got to see Senate Minority Leader, Senator Tom Daschle, Rep. Dale Kildee, Rep. Patrick Kennedy, Vermont Gov. Howard Dean. There were these four brothers who served in Vietnam who came and spoke to the Caucus. The one brother who spoke, did it with such passion and heart I couldn’t contain myself and had to pull out the Kleenex.

I didn’t think I was going to be able to go to the convention Wednesday night, but luckily I was given a pass. I got to witness Rev. Al Sharpton give his base inspirational speech to the delegates. And I got to see Vice Presidential candidate Sen. John Edwards speak, which was pretty incredible. I was glad I was able to see him, especially sicne I’m not so sure I’ll be able to get credentials for tonight, but I’m keeping my fingers crossed.

Well, I’m heading out to the Museum of Fine Arts, can’t wait to see Boston’s collection of Impressionist artwork, I hear it’s awesome. Until later, Geaux Kerry!


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  1. Nice site Darnee (except for the democrat love fest you’ve got going on here!). Late getting around to my email so I’m just now seeing the site. Hope you enjoyed the trip to Boston.Lala

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