The DNC Excitement Begins: Boston 2004


I arrived in Boston on Sunday. Already we had a party to go to, the Blue Dog Democrats, i.e. conservative Dems. It was great, mingling, the band was kicking, the food was incredible. Unfortunately I left before the main event, The Neville Brothers came on after I went to beddy-bye. Aaron and the boys were great, as usual, I heard. Had two celebrity sightings, Richard Kind from Spin City at the Blue Dog party & I recognized one of the average joes from Average Joe 2: Hawaii, Tony, the artist with the sculpted beard. My boss went up and asked him to come over and take a picture with me, how sweet was that? *Must remember to ask for a copy of the photo.

Monday morning we went to the Louisiana Delegation Breakfast. I must say I enjoyed the welcome from Chairman Mike Skinner, our victorious Democratic female governor, the Honorable Kathleen Blanco and Junior Senator Mary Landrieu. It’s quite inspiring to see these two incredible women, who both beat pretty siginificant opposition in their respective races, speak out to their supporters.

Being a representative of the Tunica-Biloxi Tribe, my group then left after the breakfast to attend the Native American Caucus meeting. The Chairman, Frank LaMere, gave an inspirational speech about the significance of voting and why he does it. Then as if on cue we had to leave for another event, lunch on a Boston Harbor cruise with the New Mexico Delegation. If I didn’t get seasick too often I would have ventured outside a bit more often. I did have the pleasure of visiting with a lady whose sister-in-law was a delegate and she was enjoying the company and the excitement of the convention.

The four hours after lunch provided time to shower and take a short nap before hitting the Fleet Center where the true excitement began. Cuz it was the first night, seating wasn’t incredibly terrible. I take that back, it was awful. We left early cuz we thought another function began at 10:00PM, it started at 10:30PM. We had to wait outside until the bouncers let us in. The event was in honor of the Congressional Hispanic Caucus, the featured entertainment, Los Lobos, the band that provided the soundtrack to the film La Bamba. They rocked!! My feet were on fire this morning. Occupational hazard of conventioneering.

Until Thursday, Geaux Kerry!!!!


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