Hello All!


So my girl Shannon started using a blog and I thought it was pretty cool. And I figured I have a pretty interesting job and an interesting family, who doesn’t, so I thought I’d give this try and see how things develop.

Friends and family always told me they enjoyed my writing so why not put it out there for everyone to enjoy. True certain aspects of life can be very boring, I mean really look at how much footage is not used in reality tv, but pretty often we’ve all had experiences, family incidents and escapades during our lives that provide much fodder for entertainment. Much of what we see in media is taken from real life. That’s why reality tv is so popular, that and it’s cheaper than paying writers & actors for sitcoms.

Unfortunately, the love of my life, Zoe, my doggie, is unable to go on all adventures, but she’s there for most. And just her every day quirks provide giggles to my family and myself quite often. Most of her stunts are “You had to be there,” moments, but she’s a ham so I’m sure she’s going to love being protrayed very lovingly by her momma, whom she loves unconditionally but still nips at.

So everyone enjoy, and I hope no one gets bored. In two weeks look for a recap of my trip to the Democratic National Convention in Boston.


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  1. WAZZUUUPPPP!! oh goodie i get to be the first to post a comment. I’m just sitting here eating my Papa John pizza and sipping on some Hawaiian Punch. I’ll definitely be going to the gym tomorrow…hehe. Well Darnee the places looks great and you write so well!! and Zoe…ha…psycho dog indeed! all she knows how to do is bark, bite, and run back and forth until she gets tired… hehe. She was cute the last time i saw her though. Send her my love, the heffa…:)

  2. hey nay! it’s emily. Now, I truly realize how much time you really have living in Marksville. Darling, I pity you. Zoe’s a lesbian..i’m convinced. If I were you I would be worried about Zoe traveling with Jordan. You have to watch out, the dog almost took a swim in the river and it wouldn’t have been the kind of swim one would enjoy 😉 if you know what i mean. Well, I hope you have fun with your little blog. It’s kind of like Bog with an L though. Everytime I hear the word Bog I think of “The Bog of Eternal Stench” from Labyrinth. But don’t worry your Blog does not emit any sort of stench. i love you. xoxo

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